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Child protection and empowerment

The Kerala State Council for Child Welfare was registered on 14th September, 1960 under Travancore- Cochin Literary Scientific & Charitable Societies Registration Act 1955. Chief Minister is the President. The Minister for Social Justice is the first Vice President, Secretary to Government, Director of Social Justice, Director of Public Instruction and Director of Health Services are the other official members of the Executive Committee of the Kerala State Council for Child Welfare. Besides the official members in the Executive Committee of KSCCW, there are 7 elected members namely General Secretary, 2nd Vice President, Joint Secretary, treasurer and 3 Executive Committee members.

Children are the building blocks of a society. The future of the world lies in their hands. KSCCW is entitled to furnish proper care for every child to make them better citizens. The Council takes care of orphaned and destitute children received through Ammathottils, hospitals and other public places like bus station, railway station, roads etc. The services offered include adoption centres, crèche programme, setting up of museum and library and Anganwadi training programmes. A number of media & literary awards have been constituted for works on and of children. The Council is entitled to ensure the development, care and protection of children. Formulating and spreading awareness about children’s rights through various public platforms is a major initiative of KSCCW.


  • Formulation of schemes for the interest and welfare of children before and after births, adoption of such schemes, assisting of such schemes and implementation of such schemes directly and through the branches.
  • To render necessary assistance in propagating programmes of scientific nature, information, education relating to child welfare and starting of publications for the above purpose.
  • To encourage legislation on the subject of child welfare, and taking action for the formulation and implementation of a National Child Welfare Charter.
  • To establish institutions for the rehabilitation of orphan, destitute, mentally & physically handicapped children and its administration. Starting of centres for imparting training to organizers and volunteers for child welfare work.
  • To cooperate with national and international bodies, which are connected with the welfare of children, and depute representatives of State Child Welfare Council to these bodies and receive representatives from them.
  • To cooperate with Government and non governmental agencies and organizations, which are doing similar services, and administer funds and schemes relating to child welfare.
  • With a view to improve the living conditions of children, activities will be taken up, adopted and assistance extended for the prosperity of families and society.
  • With a view to affording opportunities for pre-primary education and school education to the children of the weaker sections of the society and to bring them in the mainstream, appropriate action will be taken.
  • Statistics will be collected on children and their problems, and will be studied, and institutions to conducts such studies will be started and maintained.