CSR Funds

Council appeals before generous and humane firms and persons for the following:

The major objective of the council is formulation of schemes for the interest and welfare of children before and after birth, adoption of such schemes, assisting of such schemes and implementation of such schemes directly and through the branches. Council also envisages to establish institutions for rehabilitation of orphans, destitute, mentally and differently abled children and its administration by starting centres for imparting training to organizers and volunteers for overall development of the child.

Almost all the kids are in their worst health condition as and when they reach our hands. Hence huge amounts are to be incurred often for medical attention of these unhealthy kids and for purchase of medicines besides their food and clothing and other allied expenses. More than two lakhs of rupees per month are required approximately to protect the children of one Adoption Centre of this institution. Our sole source of income is from the sale of Children’s Day Stamp released by the Government on every Children’s Day (November 14th). We receive no grants in-aid of any nature from any source. Hence to link two ends of life of Kerala State Council for Child Welfare and to develop its infrastructural facilities, we invite donation/CSR Funds/sponsorships from public including NRIs and from firms with broad mentality. Many humane personalities and firms responded positively.

The CSR Funds if granted will be used to:

  1. Establish modernized automatic cradle by introducing new available technology.
  2. Introduce centralized monitoring technology by setting an alert mechanism which enables the reporting of babies available in all the 15 cradles.
  3. Take care of overall development of the abandoned children across the state.
  4. To reduce infant and child mortality for the state of Kerala.
  5. To promote concept of legal adoption across the state and follow up of children adopted through the scheme.
  6. Improve the nutritional status, and reduce morbidity among children.
  7. Functioning of different counseling centers.
  8. Provision of Bravery Award to children.
  9. Conducting national level drawing competition for children.
  10. Provision of media and literary award.
  11. Function of Chacha Nehru Children’s Museum which is very unique in the country.
  12. Observance of Children’s Day.
  13. Rehabilitation centres
  14. Adoption Centers: Functioning of adoption centers district wise help to take care of children by eligible couples legally as per the Central Government norms. Unlike the other adoption centers, Council ensures the monitoring of adopted children once in six months and conducting get together of families once in a year. At present two Adoption Centers- one at Thiruvananthapuram and the other at Malappuram are functioning under the Council. Government recently accorded sanction to start four more Specialized Adoption Agencies (SAAs) under the control of Council which are on the anvil.
  15. Ammathottil: The concept was first introduced in the State in 2002 consisting of automated cradle for saving the life of abandoned children or delivery of unwanted pregnancy. All the 13 districts of Kerala are having the facility. All the 15 Ammathottils working under the Council at different places use outdated technology. Therefore Council intends to modernize the Ammathottils with updated modern technology. The lack of sufficient funds for the same is the only hindrance.
  16. Thanal: It is a full-time functioning rescue mission for ill-treated children. Toll-free number 1517 accessible to the people for accessing about the location and information about any kind of ill treatment towards children. Immediate attention will be given to the children in need through a well maintained network operated at district level. The scheme was introduced on 1st November 2017 by Honorable Chief Minister of Kerala. More than 7000 rescue operations were carried out till the date.
  17. Montessori House of Children: It is a child-centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood. It is a view of the child as one who is naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a supportive, thoughtfully prepared learning environment. It is an approach that values the human spirit and the development of the whole child that is physical, social, emotional and cognitive.
  18. Crèche Program: The Council manages about 220 creches across Kerala under the guidelines of union Ministry of Woman and Child Development.
  19. Child Care Centers
  20. Anganwadi Training Centers: ICDS is the major scheme focusing on the nutrition and growth monitoring of early childhood of the children. More than 33000 Anganwadi centers are functioning in Kerala. Imparting training to service providers is one of the main objective for the Council, which is done through the functioning of Anganwadi Training Centers under the Council.